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With nearshoring – or working with remote teams – you always have the right people available for your projects. People that will fit in your company well. We see an urge to contract developers which mostly is unwise as most development processes demand multiple disciplines that you simply will not find in one person alone. Nearshoring offers you multiple roles (architects, consultants, designers, developers, testers, et cetera) in order to execute the project in an efficient and effective way.


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Three reasons to nearshore your software development: scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Next to that, it can be very convenient to have a team working on another project without being “disturbed” by the daily operation within a company (e.g. to build new software products or to modernize an existing application). Together with you, we determine the right mix of business knowledge, technical and soft skills for the team.


We are providing a custom and personal communication model for every customer. Based on your individual preferences, we’ll also come up with the optimal set of tools and best practices for communication. Manage your remote team as if it’s in-house.


No day-to-day admin work. We handle all the operational duties including contract work, payroll operations, team setup, employees retention, travel management, and logistics. You can hire a software development team and forget about everyday troubles.

Talent Management

We help with remote team onboarding to ensure a smooth transition and complete integration with your in-house team. As well, we’ll make sure your new team remains motivated and loyal and has personal development and growth opportunities.

Long-term Partnership

Our team works exclusively on your project full-time. Through establishing long-term cooperation you can leverage the developers’ skills even more efficiently and in a wider business context.

Find Niche Expertise

As you may be facing a skills gap in your local market we can provide access to a huge talent pool of Lithuanian developers with diverse skill sets. Present Connection team is always a good investment.

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