Q&A with the winner of Running Challenge 2022

PC Running Challenge took place for the 7th time in a row. PC runners started on May 1st and ran for three months. This year we beat many records, including the number of participants and ran kilometers. What began as a friendly run grew into a real competition! 

Total distance: 5764 km.  

Top 3 runners:  

  1. Andrėjus – 1016 km. 2.
  2. Ernestas – 1000 km.  3.
  3. Edgaras – 650 km.  

Congrats, Andrėjus, for winning the competition! 

Here is a Q&A with the PC running challenge 2022 winner: 

How did you manage to run more than 1000 km? 

The hardest part was consistency. Every day it needed to be at least 12km. Even though I started with 12km, I ended up running 15-20km daily. But answering the main question – took a lot of willpower and a looooooooooot of podcasts. 

Was there something that inspired you or helped you to reach this number? 

I saw our more running-inclined colleagues could reach this far, so I set out to prove that I could do it too. A good challenge always helps me feel alive. 

What did you take from this challenge? 

Even though I’m getting older and my body is not what it used to be (30 years of age), I still can physically perform like a champ…. Oh yeah, also, I can eat whatever I want when I run so much.  

Any interesting facts or moments? 

Fact No.1: My dog also ran with me for small distances. He considered running a game, so while running, my dog decided to feel happy and bit my shoulder a couple of times in this run 🙂 (a playful bite, nothing serious). By the way, don’t worry, I bit him back. 

Fact No.2: My watch tan was better than Erniukas had. 

What is the goal for next year? 

I’m thinking of being original and doing the run barefoot or running backward. The distance is still unknown, but I’ll seriously consider it. 

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