Q&A with the recruiter of talented people

Meet Raimonda! Recruiter of talented people who loves an active lifestyle, meeting new people, and exploring. Raimonda joined our company a little more than a year ago. But we already cannot imagine Present Connection without her. Let’s get to know Raimonda a little more:

Tell us about yourself—hobbies, free time, etc.

I enjoy reading and traveling – exploring cultures, cuisine, and nature. Sometimes I do handcrafts – some leather accessories, etc.

I like active free time – cardio training, hiking, running – something I am trying out at the moment. I also spend a lot of time with my family and friends.

How did you choose to become a recruiter?

My job has always been close to human resources, and when I got a chance to try myself in this area – I understood I feel good doing it.

What is the biggest challenge of being a recruiter?

It is to be able to attract the attention to PC of someone, who is satisfied with the current position, and at the same time – stay to the company‘s values and not be a little too extra.

What do you like the most about being a recruiter?

Being someone who can help start their career or discover a professional area. Also, I like meeting new people.

Tell us the most memorable story from the recruitment process?

Once, I received a call from a candidate who was late for an interview. He explained to me that he could not find the entrance to the office. It took some time for us to realize he was at the correct address, just the wrong city.

What is the one key element you are looking for in a person who applies for a PC?

Willingness to develop his competencies and learn.

Is there anything that still surprises you in people?

Sometimes I am surprised, and more often – inspired by people’s drive to do things that they find meaningful with no excuses for lack of time, capabilities, or motivation.

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