Software development from person to person – now also in DACH

Present Connection is expanding into the DACH region. Companies in Germany benefit from excellent, customized software solutions.

Present Connection, a company specializing in software development and nearshoring, opens up new horizons for companies in the DACH market. Founded in 2012 by Peter Nijsen and Richard Lagrand, the company focuses on long-term partnerships with innovative and customized software solutions and puts people first.

“The expansion into the DACH market is a big and important step. In our work, we focus on people and individual solutions. With this approach, we also want to impress in this market,” explains Peter Nijsen and Richard Lagrand, the two founders of Present Connection.

Focus on people

At the heart of Present Connection’s philosophy is a simple principle: people before technology. This mindset is reflected in every detail of their work. A deep understanding of the customer’s needs and challenges is paramount.

From the basis to progress

With more than 90 employees and ISO 27001 certification, Present Connection proves that it takes security and quality in software development seriously. The company’s expertise ranges from ERP and logistics to big data and telecommunications. Thanks to this diversity of expertise, Present Connection can adapt flexibly to the most diverse requirements and projects of its customers.

Services with vision

Present Connection specializes in various technologies such as .Net, PHP, Python, Progress ABL, and front-end React/React Native technologies. The company has in-depth knowledge of ERP and CRM systems. Its development centers in Lithuania and Spain create unique software solutions for customers across Europe. Local offices in Germany and the Netherlands facilitate smooth and efficient collaboration with customers.

Nearshoring: expertise close by

Nearshoring is a particular advantage for Present Connection’s customers. This method offers geographical proximity and cultural familiarity as well as flexible and economical solutions for today’s dynamic market requirements.

This strategy allows customers to benefit from the advantages of remote working as if their own teams were working from home.

Unique approach, clear differentiation

What sets Present Connection apart from other providers is its customer-oriented approach. Before the actual work begins, the team takes a lot of time to understand the needs of its customers. This results in tailor-made teams and optimal solutions for each customer. The presence in the Netherlands and Germany, combined with low staff turnover and an open communication culture, strengthens trust and long-term cooperation with customers.

Goals and visions for the German market

Present Connection has clear goals for its market entry in Germany. Expanding the customer base, particularly through geographical proximity and cultural similarities, is a key component of this strategy. The high demand for development services in the German market provides a solid basis for this expansion. Of particular interest is the digital transformation in Germany, which is progressing faster than the training of new specialists.

Challenges and expectations

The specific challenges in the German market are manifold, and Present Connection is ready to face them. In the short term, the focus is on understanding the needs and expectations of German companies and responding to them effectively. In the long term, the company wants to become a permanent fixture in software development in Germany and thus contribute to the country’s digital progress.

Advantages for German customers

One of the particular challenges facing German companies is the lack of qualified specialists in the field of software development. Present Connection addresses this problem by providing qualified and experienced development teams. Customers benefit from faster and more flexible implementation of their projects, which accelerates the process of digitalization.

Software development: customizable and scalable

Another advantage is the flexibility and scalability of the services. With the resources offered, customers can implement more projects and manage spontaneous requirements flexibly. Thanks to the carefully planned scalability of the teams, companies can make optimum use of their resources and design development processes in a predictable manner.

Present Connection and proALPHA: a collaboration that sets standards

Present Connection expanded the proALPHA development team and assumed responsibility for key parts of the software platform. By combining in-depth technological knowledge and an understanding of architecture, Present Connection was able to make an important contribution to the success of proALPHA.

Cultural harmony and shared values

proALPHA’s decision to work with Present Connection was based on technical expertise and a match of corporate cultures. The Present Connection team’s combined experience, expertise and flexibility- were key to this successful partnership.

All-round carefree package

Present Connection also relieves its customers of administrative tasks. From payroll accounting to vacation planning and contract design, the company takes care of all the bureaucratic tasks, allowing customers to concentrate fully on their core tasks.

About Present Connection

Founded in 2012, Present Connection combines innovative software development with a people-centered approach. The company operates development centers in Lithuania and Spain as well as offices in the Netherlands, Germany, and Lithuania. With over 90 experts and ISO 27001 certification, the company guarantees quality and security.

Present Connection specializes in .Net, PHP, Python, Progress ABL, and front-end React/React Native technologies and offers European companies flexible and cost-efficient software solutions in nearshoring. At the heart of their work is the principle: “We work with people, not resources”, which allows them to always focus on the needs of their customers and offer individual solutions.

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