Used technologies
PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Laminas (formerly Zend Framework), Zend Server, Vue.js, Redis, ELK stack
Used tools
Slack, Microsoft Teams, Office365, Google docs, Jira, Trello, GITLAB


Simpel needed to extend their software development capacity. They also asked us to co-build a platform for the convergence of all their client registrations.


Our software development team is continuously working on the optimization of the order flow and the customer self-service portals of They also add features and improve the back-end platform of to make it future ready. This will increase the user-friendliness of the portals and improve operational stability which will increase commercial performance and lower the pressure on the support desk

Client experience

After a selection process, Simpel chose Present Connection as development partner. The main reasons for this choice were a match with the company culture and a clear and similar way of working: very adaptive and effective. The people at Simpel were positively surprised by the knowledge and friendliness. What you call a true social match. Collaboration in a personal way, being it at close distance. That is what nearshoring at Present Connection is all about!

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