Internships are a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field. Working alongside experienced professionals allows you to develop new skills and learn about industry practices. Trust us, the benefits of an internship go far beyond just gaining experience. They can also include networking opportunities, career development, and personal growth. 

One of the most exciting aspects of a Present Connection internship is the potential to be offered a full-time position after completing the program. Last year, we had 13 interns at Present Connection, and 7 received an offer to join our team!

We asked our former interns Justinas and Vilius to answer a few questions and share their experiences to help you to make the right decision and apply for an internship at Present Connection. We wanted to know the first impression, how they felt, what they liked, and most importantly, what advice they would give future interns.

What was your first impression of the company and people when you joined the internship?

Justinas: I didn’t expect to meet so many people my age who had recently started their careers and could give me honest, friendly tips. 

Additionally, I didn’t expect to be attracted to the company-organized events, challenges, and parties. However, once I participated in them, I couldn’t stop since then. 

Vilius: As I came to the office, I saw numerous people chatting and having fun in the kitchen area. Since then, I have always considered Present Connection a friendly, lively place. 

How would you describe an internship program at Present Connection?

Justinas: It is a perfect opportunity to kickstart your career because, in most cases, people only study Computer Science and do not get that pure practical experience.

This practical experience widens your point of view in coding and helps you understand where you want to focus later in your career.   

Vilius: It was satisfying, as it helped me improve not only my programming skills but also my interpersonal communication skills since I had to coordinate my efforts along with other internees and mentors. It was a lot of fun to work in such a team environment. 

What are the things that you liked the most about an internship?

Justinas: I was treated and respected like a regular employee who had been working in the company for years. I received a lot of attention and guidance from more experienced developers.

Vilius:Great mentors that motivate you and keep a good attitude no matter of adversity. I got to work on technologies I like and on a project that helped me to improve a lot.

What advice could you give to future interns?

Justinas: Curiosity and a willingness to learn are everything you need. If you are not afraid to try new, different solutions and ask for help, your knowledge will skyrocket.

Vilius: Instead of attempting to complete as much as possible, try to meet incoming challenges with as much diligence as possible – quality over quantity; with this approach, you’ll find yourself tackling problems much more in-depth and improving your knowledge on a deeper level. After all, the primary point of an internship is to improve the work-related skills and knowledge of the intern. 

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