Cycling challenge winner’s 2500 km victory

We are breaking records with this year’s cycling challenge! 

Our annual cycling challenge took on new heights this year and shattered all previous records. This year, our team embarked on a two-month journey of pedal-powered determination, and the results were nothing short of astounding. We witnessed our team push their limits and crown a champion who shattered all previous records by riding an incredible 2500 kilometers. Yes, you read that right – 2500 kilometers on a bicycle! 

But this challenge wasn’t just about the individual. We had 27 participants, and together, we cycled 10 250 kilometers. We counted kilometers every day and supported our cyclists in their achievements. 

One thing is for sure: the Present Connection Cycling Challenge is more than just a competition; it’s a journey of self-discovery, a celebration of unity, and a reminder that we can achieve extraordinary things when we set our minds to it. 

We asked Justinas a few questions to get the inside scoop on how he managed to secure the top spot in this year’s challenge. Here’s a Q&A with our cycling champion: 

Why and how did you decide to cover so many kilometers and break the all-time PC record?  

I consider myself a competitive person who enjoys various competitions, and during the last year, I participated in many company-organized tournaments and challenges without winning anything. This sudden thought hit me that I wanted to win something, and the Cycling Challenge seemed like the best choice for me because it doesn’t require a lot of skill but demands a lot of dedication and discipline, giving me a chance to grab a first place position.  

How do you motivate yourself to cycle more?  

My initial plan was to aim for at least a bronze medal and, if possible, strive for first place. The challenge spanned two months during the summer, making it quite challenging to maintain consistency. However, I gained an early advantage by planning a 4-day bike packing trip during the National holiday and weekend, putting me ahead of others even though I always carried a lot of camping gear on my bike, which made it difficult to maintain a good speed. The most significant turning point occurred after one of my bike packing trips when I overloaded my rear wheel, causing its rear axis to break completely. While my bike was in the shop for repairs, my team lead, Ernestas, made me an offer when there were just 30 days left in the challenge. He proposed to lend me his road bike on the condition that I promise to break the company record. With limited time remaining, I had to push myself hard. Consequently, in August, I managed to cycle approximately 1800 kilometers. I accepted Ernestas’ offer because I genuinely wanted to experience a road bike’s speed and test my limits, even though it seemed pretty daunting as I was still relatively new to cycling.  

What was the hardest part of this challenge?  

The hardest part was consistency since I rode almost daily throughout August. Most of my weekends were already planned for summer activities, so every evening after work, I had to cover a distance ranging from 60 to 100 kilometers. At the beginning of this challenge, even 40 kilometers seemed like a substantial distance. Still, as time passed, I chose to ride 40 kilometers on my ‘rest’ days because I couldn’t afford to rest entirely if I wanted to achieve my end goal. I had to carefully plan my rides around my other commitments, maintain a balanced nutrition plan, and ensure I got enough rest to avoid overtraining. 

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures from Present Connection! 

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