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Present Connection was asked by Staticus to help with the development of their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which is based on PHP technology. The aim is to maintain and optimize the system processes and to install new functionalities. These enhancements will facilitate and improve the quality of processes and resources management.


We assisted Staticus in implementing new features and optimizations into their ERP system. Our collaboration resulted in some significant achievements:
  • The management of material data was reworked into a more streamlined and less error-prone approach.
  • Implementation of a third-party warehouse management system for a less complex management of warehouse stocks.
  • Extensive rewrites to legacy code which made the system significantly more robust.
The customer is highly satisfied with our contributions and has chosen to extend the partnership and expand the team for the foreseeable future.

Client experience

After successfully transforming to an ERP environment in 2020, chances were that our development capacity was no longer needed. But because the ‘old’ system was filled with valuable knowledge, Staticus decided to renew that system and build an integration using our newest tooling i.e., Microsoft. So, the previous positive working experience led to a renewal of our collaboration.

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