Used technologies
C# language, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Microsoft ASP .NET, WPF, WCF, Node.js, Vue.js
Used tools
MS Visual Studio, GetScope, WebStorm


For integration solutions It’s Us makes use of Coretix, an in-house designed and developed application. It’s Us reached out to Present Connection for the actual building of Coretix.


Present Connection made an important contribution to the development and implementation of the Coretix platform. There were three key success factors:
  1. Building an application with the flexibility to up and down scale (people and means);
  2. High education level of the developers;
  3. Excellent price-value ratio.

Client experience

After having less positive experiences with software development in India, working with Present Connection was a blessing. For It’s Us it was important to secure their role as architects, which we did. Next there was a good match on culture, mastery of languages and the minimal time difference with Lithuania. A dedicated contact in the Netherlands completes the pleasant working relation. That makes nearshoring feel very close!

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