Build software in a
Friendly Environment

Accelerate your career in an informal and friendly international company!

Our core values

These are our main values we live by as a company. And we work by them too: we’re building a platform and products we believe in – knowing there is real value to be gained from helping people, wherever they are, to simplify whatever they do and bring more of themselves to their work.

We connect: with customers, colleagues, candidates, teams, partners.

We deliver: commitment, quality, know-how, solutions, and results.
We care: for people, well-being, experience, environment, efficiency.
We welcome: adventures, curiosity, optimism, growth, enthusiasm, different perspectives, cultures, lifestyles, integrity.


We have number of staff and other motivation benefits for our team members

You decide

You decide on your workplace – work in a cozy home or a cool office with awesome colleagues. 

Learning and development

Use this fund to upskill your professional and personal skills – we are happy to see you grow and strive.


Most flexible health insurance policy for everyone’s convenience.

Recognition for high engagement

The company awards your mentoring, contribution to internal projects, and initiatives of joint activities.


Get to know each other, celebrate achievements, or have quality time together – team buildings are on us.

Clear career path

The performance evaluation system allows you to evaluate your progress and plan your career with us.

Community that inspires you

Running, cycling, walking challenges, and table tennis tournaments – are a massive part of our community spirit. 


Get to know your colleagues while having fun at regular company events and activities. 

Importance of your feedback

We repeatedly ask colleagues’ opinions on various aspects and make changes within the company based on it – to make an impact. 

Presents on your special day

Your birthday, wedding, or childbirth is a great occasion to celebrate. 

Refer a friend

Rewards for a recommended colleague. 

Hacks and snacks

Office with great location, free parking, guest speakers, Friday lunches, healthy snacks, and small events and celebrations – let us know if there is something more to add on.

Recruitment process

Face-to-face or video call interview

You, the recruiter, and your potential Team Lead have a relaxed conversation to cover all aspects of interests and most important – we get to know each other better.

Technical assignment or technical interview

We check your technical knowledge to be able to offer you a position that matches your expertise.


We will get in touch with you with an offer or suggestions for future opportunities at our company.

Open positions

Raimonda Preimonaitė


I think we all seek an environment where we can embrace learning, make meaningful contributions, and do it all in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. I will be happy to answer your questions regarding our job positions and career prospects, we can discuss the work culture and conditions and discover the additional opportunities this organization has to offer you.

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