Agile & nearshoring

The worldwide tendency among IT companies to embrace an Agile way of working has risen from 82% (2015) to 91% (2018). Before Agile evolved, companies used other methodologies like Waterfall to plan, analyze, design, code, assess, and maintain projects within software development. However, those who engaged in Agile claimed to obtain more quality and productivity during the project execution. Software development in Agile can be performed by either co-located or nearshored teams.

In this study, you find the results of a comparison between a collocated team and nearshored software development work in an Agile environment.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of working with Agile (Scrum) is that you have a clear structure of team processes. Each sprint process is also improving because Scrum has a big focus on improving processes in a team. You can plan projects and estimates become more accurate. Using Scrum, you can say which work will be done after it. Also, Scrum forces to communicate more within a team. By doing this, tasks are completed faster because if one member is stuck, you will know that -at the latest – at daily stand-up (and not after x days). Furthermore, the product owner is more included, which helps to clarify what should be done. The biggest disadvantage of working with agile (Scrum) project management, however, is that you will have more team meetings than seems necessary. But then again it creates more value.


At Present Connection, we strongly believe in Nearshoring; a strategic choice to collaborate with an external company, with resources in a nearby country. Nearshoring Software development companies have the ability and facilities to help organizations to innovate and thrive in this age of digital transformation.

Nearshoring your business needs to the right company will provide you with flexibility and efficiency. It will help you to get the best solutions for your business without causing any burden of hiring the in-house development team. As said above, the Nearshore software development industry is showing strong growth and we don’t foresee that changing any time soon. The value-added through Nearshoring (cost reduction, flexibility, knowledge support, extra expertise) is allowing companies to scale quickly and dominate in their industry by using flexible solutions with the help of experts’ advice on different levels. There’s never been a better time to start. The performance of Nearshoring teams is higher than it’s been before.


To adapt the real advantage for your business it’s extremely beneficial to nearshore your digital needs with a partner who has a uniquely personal and local approach. Personal touch gives the edge and separates nearshoring companies from the competition. Working with remote teams can be tough but having a local presence and that personal touch approach changes everything.

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