Concentration tips by PC people

Our mind game is tricky, right? The ability to focus on one subject or thought while excluding every other unrelated thought, idea, and sensation is a challenging task. But we can train our brain to be more focused and concentrated with some exercises.  

 Our team shares some examples and tips from their everyday life.  

What helps you concentrate?  

  • To be in a favorable environment and focus on your thoughts;  
  • Having a clear goal and some incentive to finish work earlier.  
  • Interesting tasks, a clear work plan for the day, curiosity, and well rested state;  
  • The feeling of a challenge to complete complex or a high number of tasks;  
  • Put headphones on, but do not listen to anything. It just helps to muffle the surrounding sound.  

Tips for being the productive self  

PC people share their knowledge not only in professional fields but also in a lot of other things. And here are the most effective ways to be productive:  

  • Working with music (thunderstorm soundtracks, music which makes working much more fun);  
  • Eat a delicious meal before you start to work on something;  
  • Choose a place to work (depending on how you feel that day, it could be the office or home, or anywhere else);  
  • Eliminate possible distractions (read emails, check social media, news platforms);  
  • Plan your time and tasks;  
  • Have a coffee;  
  • Prepare drinks or snacks;  
  • Make sure your internet connection works perfectly.  

What stops you from being productive?  

We’ve all lost focus and concentration more than once while studying, working, or performing other important tasks, but why? Here are our team’s top answers:  

  • Distractions (YouTube, social media channels, video games, people)  
  • Procrastination;  
  • Not having a plan;  
  • When it fails;  
  • Hunger and thirst;  
  • Lack of sleep. 

The most productive time of the day   

When are we most productive? Before lunch, after lunch, or in the evening?  

A lot of research has been done to determine what time of day is the most productive. It is said that 9-11 is the best time to do essential and demanding work. We asked our colleagues to find out the most effective time for them. Almost everyone agrees that the most productive time is before lunch (9:00-11:00). Also, they added that 2 hours till the end of work is effective too.  

Of course, each of us has a different productivity time. Here is an interesting article that suggests finding out your most productive time of day. 

Keep focus!

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Marketing Specialist

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