Celebrating a Decade of Growth: A Journey with Present Connection

The heartbeat of any successful company is undoubtedly its employees. And we truly believe that! 

Today, Present Connection has the privilege of sharing an interview with a colleague who has been an integral part of the company’s evolution since its early days. Our colleague, Rokas, takes us back to 2013 when joining Present Connection meant more than just assuming a role—it meant building the very foundation on which the company stands today. 

Get to know Rokas and his journey at Present Connection in this Q&A: 

Can you describe your journey at Present Connection over the past ten years? What positions have you held, and how have you grown professionally during this time?  

I joined Present Connection in 2013, and I was only the 6th employee in the company. At that time, when you joined the company, you had to assemble your desk and chair. Otherwise, you would not have where to sit.    

My first project was an Employee portal, which is still in use today. After that, I started another one, and during this project, it was my first time visiting the Netherlands. During one of these trips, I met Niels Faas, a great host who supported me during my stay in Breukelen. At some point in time, almost the whole company was helping me to meet the deadlines. This was the time when we joined forces with Ernestas and Laimonas.   

Afterward, I joined the It’s Us team, which was building a product called Coretix. It helps companies to automate business processes. This product was unique in the market, so the customer base was growing quickly, and I decided to take the opportunity and become a person who builds business integrations. Since then, the team has grown, and now we have eight developers working on business integrations.  

I want to express gratitude to all my colleagues for their assistance in enhancing my skills across various roles within the organization. Some positions posed challenges, and I appreciate the unwavering support from everyone, which has significantly contributed to my personal growth and development.  

What values or principles does Present Connection hold that make it a great place to work for a decade?  

Like anyone else starting their career, I put much effort into the roles I had over all those years in the company. I like the fact that Present Connection is constantly growing, and you can always find an opportunity to tackle interesting projects where you utilize your skills and grow as a person. Colleagues here are empowered to take ownership of their work and make decisions within their areas of responsibility. That creates a sense of ownership, igniting motivation and satisfaction.   

Besides that, I appreciate that Present Connection invests in employee growth and development. Seminars and training sessions are organized to enhance employees’ skills and keep them updated on industry trends.   

What do you appreciate most about the company’s workplace culture, and how has it contributed to your job satisfaction?  

The culture in the organization did not change much during these years, even though the company has grown more than ten times. The flat structure allows to have a personal relationship with other people in the company, not depending on their roles in the organization. You always have an open and informal chat in the kitchen with a cup of coffee or when playing table tennis.   

Present Connection has a comfortable and relaxed environment that creates a sense of ease and openness among colleagues. At the same time, the company actively seeks out challenges and provides growth opportunities, ensuring that everybody is motivated and stimulated.  

In your opinion, what sets our company apart from others in our industry, and how has it contributed to your long-term commitment?  

At Present Connection, you are never bored due to the constant buzz of activities. You can engage in board game nights, participate in running or cycling challenges, join LAN parties, or compete in table tennis championships to strike a healthy work-life balance. And that’s not to mention the numerous team-building events and company trips that guarantee countless unforgettable moments. 

As we celebrate the achievements of the past ten years, we anticipate an exciting future marked by even more groundbreaking projects, shared triumphs, and support. The next decade holds the promise of continued growth, fresh challenges, and the forging of new connections.

Sandra Žemaitaitytė

Marketing Specialist

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